Doori: Innovators Of A Futuristic Health Monitor

Ankit Sachdev,Co-Founder & CEO

Ankit Sachdev

Co-Founder & CEO

A fast-paced life is the hallmark of modern-day living. Success comes to those who can adapt, but at a cost. Health is the major casualty for those living in the fast lane. Generally, such people suffer from various lifestyle diseases. While diagnostic tests are available, for nearly all diseases, people rarely have the time and patience to get themselves tested. A comprehensive, modestly-priced, handy, precise, easy-to-use testing device was the need of the hour. Doori, a medical technology company has developed a product comprising all these features and more.

Doori’s Contribution To The Healthcare System
Established in 2021 and headquartered in Mumbai, Doori is a medical technology startup. Ankit Sachdev,a hardware engineer, and innovator is the co-founder, CEO, and key person of the company. Doori has developed the “HEALTHABLE”, a health monitoring device that monitors the vital health parameters of the user. It also monitors the environment, for factors that impact human health, such as pollution, humidity, and temperature. It provides alerts and even personalized health tips. The monitored data can be viewed on amobile phone linked to the device using Bluetooth. The device is non-invasive and reasonably priced. It acts as a preliminary warning system and helps the user take preemptive action before any major health emergency occurs.

Doori Healthable – A Versatile Product
Doori Healthable is designed to monitor vital health parameters such as blood pressure, temperature, oxygen level, and heart rate. The device can be linked to a mobile app. The mobile application then compares the results
with a preset standard and alerts the user whenever the parameters move out of the acceptable range. The application also grades and tags the results into five categories very healthy, healthy, average, unhealthy, and very unhealthy.

The application also provides personalized tips regarding, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and environment depending on the current condition. The user can check the status of his health whenever and wherever he wants, take preventive measures before the symptoms turn into a full-blown illness, and avoid major medical costs. In addition, the device observes and analyzes sleep patterns, assists in a guided meditation and balance training, and helps in posture correction. Preventive action, based on the device’s observation, can guard the user against unforeseen hospitalization expenses, wastage of time, and avoidable stress.

Doori Healthable monitors not only the physical health but also the environment that affects the user. It checks the temperature, relative humidity, and air quality of the surroundings. It also monitors the level of volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and ultra-violet radiation in the atmosphere. The device cautions the user if the place is unsafe to stay in and even suggests modifications required to improve the surroundings. The multiple functions performed by the device provide a range of benefits to the users.

Doori Healthable is powered by Bluetooth, has a long battery life,is handy, portable, and equipped with accurate and powerful medically graded sensors. Advanced PC boards and 3D printing technology are used in the manufacture of the device. Doori Healthable works on the concept of photoplethysmography and uses advanced algorithms and technologically superior sensors to obtain precision results. The device is also programmed to provide health tips based on the diet, lifestyle, and activities of the user. These tips are compiled under the guidance of experts.

Doori Healthable can be used by a variety of users and for various applications. Doctors, for instance, can use the device as a simple measuring instrument or as a remote, real-time monitoring tool. It can be extremely useful for monitoring the health of cardiac patients. The device can be used as a predictive analysis tool. Results obtained at different points of time can be compared to envision the state of the health of the user. The device helps to promote health awareness among the general public.

Doori’s products are medically graded, ISO certified, and CDSCO approved. We use ecofriendly 3d printing technology to manufacture the products which also gives high durability and saves on material.

Smart health devices occupy an important position among healthcare products. Doori plans to continue with its innovative effort and introduce novel healthcare products that can cater to all the healthcare needs of the people. The company’s vision is to create a smart health ecosystem where every aspect of a person’s health can be monitored.