Domum Smart Home: Smart Home Solutions with Seamless User Experience

Ankit Somani ,  Co-Founder

Ankit Somani


The rapid penetration of technology coupled with growing demand for convenience is accelerating the growth of the smart home market. The smart home market in India is estimated to grow at 13.52 percent between 2022 and 2026 and reach a market value of $8.08 billion by 2026. Driven by its passion to make cutting-edge technologies accessible to everyone, Domum Smart Home has developed into one of the most recognizable names in the Indian smart home solution provider's market. The company offers a plethora of solutions that can help customers increase their home's security, while give their appliances smart capabilities. One of the biggest advantages of the solutions offered by Domum is the fact that they can be installed without changing their customer's current setups including no rewiring, and no wall breaking.

Over the last couple of years, customers are acquiring more knowledge about smart home solutions which has driven the demand for these solutions in the Indian market. Owing to this, many new players have started to enter this vertical to carter to this increasing demand. While most of the industry prioritizes on offering smart home products to their customers, Domum is taking the extra step to back their products with world-class services as well. Adding more about the service aspect of their operations, Ankit Somani who is the Co-Founder of the company states "The organization was established in 2018 and all
of the founders are very keen on the technology sector. Through our previous experiences, we understood that service is an area that this industry lacks significantly. We wanted to start a company where service is our main motto. Now, we offer the best services possible and that too at impressive speeds. We even have a 24/7 toll free number which our customers can use to get in touch with us".

We offer the best services possible and that too at impressive speeds. We even have a 24/7 toll free number which our customers can use to get in touch with us

Innovative Solutions with Seamless Integration
One of the biggest facets that help DOMUM to stand out in the market is their `Retrofit Collection'. After placing this device behind their switch boards, customers can experience automation in their homes within 25 minutes. With one command or one tap, customers can do a plethora of things includes color control, brightness control, temperature control, and energy saving. The company also offers voice assistant solutions and with the help of voice assistants like Google Home or Alexa, customers can trigger multiple actions. With hassle-free integration and seamless user experience, the solutions offered by Domum helps their customers to experience smart home solutions of the highest quality.

Aside from this, the company has also worked with restaurants in the past and as restaurants use commercial grade appliances that consume a lot of energy, Domum had to change their products so that it can work seamlessly with these appliances. To ensure that their customers get best-in-class automation experience, Domum went the extra mile and offered other features including `scheduling' to their customers which not only made the restaurant operations more seamless but also more energy efficient.

Evolving with the changing times, Domum is geared up for the future and adding more about their road ahead, Ankit Somani says "Our main goal would be to continuously keep developing new products. Also, starting from the very first day, we have emphasized on service, and this aspect will only improve in the coming years. In the future, we are aiming to expand our team so that we continue to prioritize on the quality of our services. Other than that, we want to continuously improve the stability of our products while at the same time, reduce its size. We believe that our future lies in touch panels, so we are also working on a new touch panel technology".