Deve Herbes: Finest Quality Essential Oils

Vikas Bhardwaj, CEO,Annu Bhardwaj, Director

Annu Bhardwaj, Director

Essential oils are known to rule its forte since remote ages – more so during the time of pharaohs and queens(1800 BC), not just as the dew of beauty, but also serving as a more significant healer. In assuming its natural essence and confiding in their nutrient-rich facets, essential oils have gracefully witnessed the passing of years, serving people ever since. However, the challenge that sprouts in the modern world is the lagging purity of oils that surface the market due to phony-players and the unavailability of reliable sources. As ardent consumers of these natural elixirs, Vikas Bhardwaj (CEO, Dève Herbes) and his wife Annu Bhardwaj (Director, Dève Herbes) foraged international horizons to obtain the purest oils for personal well-being, realizing the dearth of the same within the country. Soon drawing the attention of kith and kin, the couple left their respective jobs & ideated the establishment of Dève Herbes (Herbes of God) and rooted its establishment in 2012 as an Essential Oil brand with the largest range of Essential & Carrier Oils in the world and satisfied customers in over 100 countries.
“We always believed in natural & holistic approach towards our well-being & discovered that using essential oils was best way to do so. However, it was very difficult to find pure essential oils, as almost all the brands in the market were just selling synthetic oils mixed with artificial fragrance. So, we started searching for and found authentic manufacturers of pure essential/carrier oils world over,” says Vikas.

"We always believed in natural & holistic approach towards our well being & discovered that using essential oils was best way to do so"

Citing the issue, also emerging as a drastic contrast to the exorbitant prices by reputed international brands, the company obtains its natural essential oils from authentic manufacturers around the globe and is poised solely with the largest range of essential & carrier oils in the world. Dève Herbes further assures only authentic untainted products that find highly satisfied customers in over 100 countries worldwide. Moreover, these oils are 100 percent natural & undiluted with traceable origins, and are also sold on various e-Commerce platforms (Amazon, eBay) at a 100 percent money back guarantee.

In a League of Its Own
Dève Herbes’ eight-year legacy holds few ineresting achievements. It has sold to more than a million customers worldwide without advertising, only trodden by word-of-mouth. The company has unusu
ally high rate of positive feedback for a company selling online. “We just saw one of the sites they sell, eBay and found they have about 5000 feedbacks, all postive! That’s 100 percent customer satisfaction rate, and that’s for their entire range of essential oils, carrier oils, ayurvedic powders, body butters, natural floral waters/waxes hair care, aroma diffusers, and body butters,” says a customer.

Dève Herbes does not source the oils just from any where. Instead, it sources them from the geographical region which is best known for that particular plant; for instance, Rosehip oil comes only from Chile, Lavender is from France, Oregano is Moldovian, Ylang Ylang & Rose Geranium from Madagascar, and the list goes on. The company has another first to its credit. It has established India’s (probabaly world’s) only Essential Oil Experience Store at New Delhi. Here, every single oil is kept in clear glass bottles, and customers are allowed to dip small glass sticks (single use) and get to actually see, touch, feel, and smell any essential oil they want. “There are essential oil stores in Europe & U.S. but there is no place where you get to experience every single oil like this,” asserts Annu. Supplying across the globe, Indian customers can expect to get it next day of the order, while the international ones get it in 5-15 days, depending on the mode of shipping chosen by customer.