Cleangem: Pioneering Future focused Cleaning & Hygiene Technologies to Protect & Care for People

 Mallesham Vaitla,   FounderThe demand for home, industrial, and institutional cleaning products has increased dramatically in recent years. Growing health and hygiene awareness has been a major factor driving the expansion of these products. With the industry's positive growth trajectory, there are various companies who are entering into the space so as to manufacture and supply innovative cleaning products. While talking about the customers, they are also becoming more demanding in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, and high performance capabilities.

Established in the year 2003, CLEANGEM is a leading manufacturer and provider of cleaning products for the Household, Industrial, and Institutional markets. With its high quality products, the company has successfully catered to its clients in a variety of industry applications such as home care, personal care, kitchen care, car care, and other industrial segments. All CLEANGEM products are of the finest quality and give a best-in class performance, thus minimal quantity is required to complete the task compared to typical alternatives.

CLEANGEM is dedicated to conducting business in the most ethical and socially responsible manner possible, as well as ensuring effective environmental management. The company believes in a
sustainable approach in order to satisfy the needs of the current customers without jeopardizing future generations. “Our product line covers the majority of cleaning requirements. We choose the best ingredients that are eco-friendly and create formulations to assure the safety and sustainability of our finished product throughout its life cycle. We comply with all applicable regulations to ensure that our products are safe for people and the environment”, highlights, Mallesham Vaitla, Founder, CLEANGEM.

Currently, CLEANGEM has over 48 quality driven products under the brand name of VERUS which includes Bathroom Cleaner Sanitizer, Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate, Room Fresheners, All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Concentrated Multipurpose Washroom Disinfectant for all surfaces with a pleasant fragrance, Glass and Household Cleaner, Distinct HDX which prevents the spread of microorganisms. CLEANGEM offers a complete array of cleaning solutions, Floor Cleaner Concentrate, Surface Sanitizer HD, Carpet Shampoo, Stainless Steel Polish, Wood Polish, Degreaser, Descaler, Upholstery Cleaner, Pearl Hand Wash Gel, Hand Wash AMB, Hand Wash Soft Care, Hand sanitizer gel, Hand Sanitizer Rub, Dish Wash, Sandish Machine Dishwash, Advanced Car Shampoo, Car Snow Foam Shampoo, Car Tyre Polish, Car Window Cleaner, Phenyl Compound, to name a few. Furthermore, CLEANGEM also offers tailor-made products for the specific requirements of its clients. Speaking of fragrances for instance, if a client requires a fragrance for his/her coffee shop, the company offers them coffee flavour to match the ambiance of the coffee shop.

CLEANGEM has an inhouse lab where it thoroughly tests its products right from raw material procurement to product packaging. In order to assure the highest quality standards, the company has also engaged with third-party labs to conduct product testing. Today, 70 percent of clients are repeated customers from the previous 14-16 years. The company has always been ahead of the curve due to the trust factor it has developed in terms of product quality and cost-effectiveness. CLEANGEM has been in operation for almost years. And the fact that it has survived and succeeded during every market shift over the last two decades demonstrates CLEANGEM’s organizational competence.

Going forward, the company would be focusing on devising Organic Plant Based products that are environmentally friendly. CLEANGEM is also planning to enter into the FMCG segment so as to serve clients with healthier products.