ChromeInfotech: All Set to Revolutionize the Mobile App Industry

Shishir Dubey,  Founder & MD

Shishir Dubey

Founder & MD

Client centric approach, customer service, service quality, communication, agile team and increase RoI - few terms that every company vouch upon when proposing business to clients. But for the other few, these are the oar to success and way of life. Chrome Infotech is one such company that lives, feeds and grows upon these words. Incepted in 2009 in Terrace Shed as a pioneer in mobile app development with a vision to build a ring of trust, quality and excellence in serving its clients across the globe as a technology partner, the company has witnessed tremendous growth ever since then and emerged as a complete technology partner to offer customized solutions to each and every need of its clients ranging from designing to development till quality assurance.

Despite growing competition today, especially startups, Chrome Infotech believes in complementing its existing services and looks for innovative ways to serve its niche market rather than to compete with them. The company specializes in delivering quality and cost effective services in the market within committed timelines. Its adroit team of developers, designers and QA Engineers is its biggest USP."I will throw any thing at them (ChromeInfotech), and they can build it.I've asked them to do things they have never done before, and they can figure it out. If I compare experiences with other companies I've worked with, there's no comparison," testifies Alex Lluch, President, Educational Publisher.

ChromeInfotech looks at 2016 as the year full of opportunities and is working to make it one of the most remarkable years in its history.

Innovation at its Core

Technology is moving too fast and most fail to keep up with it. However, Chrome Infotech tries to anticipate the opportunities and challenges before hand to deliver true value to its clients. To fulfill this vision, the company hires and trains fresher's who brings new ideas to the company. "In Chrome Infotech, we always care to give everyone as much information, context and room that they are always updated to recent trends in the market,' affirms Shishir Dubey, Founder & Managing Director, ChromeInfotech.

Extending its offerings to entrepreneurs, professionals, SMEs, enterprises, creative individuals, Fortune 500 companies, and Fortune 1000 Companies, Healthcare, Education, Fitness, Restaurants, Travel & Tourism, News, Dating, Food Ordering and Booking, Events, Car/Taxis Booking, e-Commerce, Magazines, Sports, Real Estate and Music are some of the eminent verticals leveraging Chrome Infotech's services. The interconnected network of professionals on social media brings the biggest word of mouth publicity for the brand where over 95.8 percent of satisfied clients refer new clients to Chrome Infotech, and even provide repeat business of 72 percent from over 20 countries. Activating other marketing tools too help the company garner broader recognition for its services. "We believe in expansion of our service by presenting them to large number of customers with common interest available in conferences and events. And customer loyalty & satisfied clients works as the best marketing strategy for us," adds Shishir.
Freedom of Thoughts & Ideas

Following an open door policy,Chrome Infotech provides utmost freedom of thoughts and ideas to everyone without restricting it to higher positions. The company's Innovation Lab (ChromeInfotech's Research & Development Lab) provides ample scope for people to learn new technologies and do wonders for self development technically and make ChromeInfotech one of the best places to learn whilst working. "Here anyone who is passionate about learning new things loves technical challenges and dreams of being a technocrat. We not only hone the technical skills of our employees but do take care of their overall wellbeing and fitness through various team building and sports activities," expounds Shishir. Work hard and party harder is what ChromeInfotechians believes in.

ChromeInfotech strives for innovation without losing the sight of the niche market that helps it to deliver new values to its clients. While the mobile app industry is expected to thrive high in the coming years as several speculation predicts by 2017, mobile app is expected to generate $77 billion worth of revenue, ChromeInfotech is working on this area to hold the grip tight in the niche market and along with looking into the future opportunities and taking measures to adapt its team well in order to beat the competition.

ChromeInfotech looks at 2016 as the year full of opportunities and is working to make it one of the most remarkable years in its history. To make this happen, it has put plans in place to turn up as a key market player not only in mobile app industry but in other verticals too. "Subsequently we have plans to undergo organizational changes to get ready for coming days," asserts Shishir. Anticipating the new wave of technological trends in mobile industry, the company is all set to delight its customers with new innovative and cost effective solutions along with updating the skills of its team to match market demand.