Choco Twisto: An Exquisite Chocolate Delight for Health-Conscious Indulgence

Karan Kshatriya Proprietor,COOAlthough premium chocolate fits the clean eating trend and is frequently consumed by health-conscious individuals, chocolate is best known as an indulgent confectionary. Amidst this intersection of flavors and well-being emerges Choco Twisto, the ideal illustration of passion to provide a community with wholesome, delectable gourmet dark chocolates bursting with exotic flavors, leading to the establishment of a company that specializes in bringing handcrafted delicacies from around the globe to savor.

Established in 2013 by mother-and-son duo (Narbada & Karan) backed by visionary Aakanksha Kshatriya (sister), Choco Twisto has experienced exponential growth to the point where they now operate a fully operational factory in the Baner district of Pune.

Narbada Kshatriya, COO

“In 2008, we operated a confectionary Cafe that stocked products from other vendors. Shortly after the swine flu outbreak in Pune, consumer spending in stores dropped significantly. We understood that relying solely on retail might not be sustainable, and this is when the idea of manufacturing came to the fore.
We had to discontinue our business, and my brother decided to pursue a one-year baking diploma in Thane (Maharashtra). Therein, we resolved to take manufacturing seriously and founded Choco Twisto”, shares Aakanksha Kshatriya, Supervisor.

Caters to Hospital & Nutritionist
Choco Twist has more to offer as chocolate replaces traditional sweets in the country. In 2012, the company sent out its first official order of Gulkand chocolates, which was a huge success. Since then, the company has expanded its list of chocolate products to include healthy snacks, protein bars, and more than 15 exotic flavored chocolates with special packaging for various occasions, corporate gifts, events, and exhibitions. In addition, Choco Twisto's extensive selection of bakery products includes exotic cookies, muffins, and brownies in traditional and unique packaging.

“Choco Twisto energy bars have demand in hospitals because of their preservative-free composition. Our business has expanded to include three additional products: Energy Bars & Truffles shape, Coconut & Cardamom Chocolate Modaks especially for Ganesh chaturthi, and protein powders & Mixed seeds Snacks. In addition, my mother created all of these recipes herself, so none of them are market-sourced”, adds Aakanksha.

Additionally, before Choco Twisto advertises its products to the public, it has them tried and tested. The products manufactured in a facility undergo regular inspections (such as for the premises, the commercial licenses, and the Shelf Life and Nutritional Facts tested of each new products introduced), and the inspection certificates are food curator or tester verified. Taking on Aakanksha states, instead of blindly releasing a product and hoping for sales, we spent considerable time gathering feedback from experts in the health field and incorporating it into the development of our product.

In response to nutritionists' requests, we've adjusted our formulas to include less sugar, more fiber, and protein; for example, the protein and energy bars have been verified for protein content, and the ingredients are prominently displayed on the packaging.

Conclusively, Choco Twisto plans to have the energy bars distributed in hospitals. The protein bars are their main source of revenue; the company has seen initial success with the hospital 'Healing Hands Chain of Hospitals in Entire Maharashtra & Karnataka' and hopes to expand by partnering with more healthcare facilities, nutritionists, and clinics and aspires to extend its reach to the allure of international markets beckons.

Aakanksha concludes, “I'm based in Dubai, and the only question anyone who's tried my chocolates and energy bars has asked me, 'Why are you not selling them in Dubai?' Since Dubai has strict packaging regulations, I need to take care of the marketing and distribution in India before shipping to Dubai. So, we are also addressing that concern. For marketing, we have done radio ads before and are about to explore digital ads".