CareClean: Redefining the Standards of Cleanliness in India through Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents

Niyati Purohit, CEO,Ashwin Suresh, MD

Niyati Purohit, CEO

Ashwin Suresh, MD

'Swachhata hi Jeevan hai', 'Swachhata hi Sehat hai'. For majority of us, cleanliness means using cleaning products like scents, soaps, detergents, bleaching agents, softners, scourers, polishes and specialized clearners of bathrooms, glass, drains, ovens, chimneys, dishes, bathtubs, counter tops, floors and everything possible we can put our eyes on. However, while these products make our home gleaming and germ-free, many contribute to indoor air pollution resulting in respiratory and other chronic diseases in the long run. Currently, cleaning product manufacturers are faced with the challenge of balancing two vital goals: creating effective cleaning products that remove indoor pollutants such as dust, viruses, bacteria, particulates, endotoxins, allergens and mold, while not adding pollutants & particulates back into the indoor air or water sources. In order to achieve these goals, manufacturers are trying to better understand how their products impact indoor air quality and health. Meanwhile, they are also under pressure to proffer green products that meet today’s market demands for effective, yet safe maintenance of schools, healthcare, commercial and residential environments. Precisely answering to all these needs is CareClean, a pioneer in manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning solutions, has been making significant difference in cleaning process by using environmental friendly and bio-degradable cleaning agents in their solutions.

Since its inception in 2008, Megamorph Marketing Pvt. Ltd. and their brand CareClean have been inspired by a vision of “Making the World a Cleaner, Safer & Better Place”. The company tenders comprehensive range of domestic, institutional and industrial cleaning products that meet every cleaning need and are highly effective & safe. Through its unique Active Nano Technology, CareClean produces solutions that are highly effective at removal of germs. The company formulates solutions to suit Indian conditions, conducts stability studies, evaluate their environmental consequences, and undertake consumer studies on products on an on-going basis. By providing end-to-end personalized cleaning solution to prospective customers, CareClean is redefining the standards of cleanliness in India. A customer driven philosophy of company
inspires its experts to develop new chemicals for new opportunities that it identifies in the market.

CareClean offers customized and specifically formulated housekeeping products that remove strains easily and have long-lasting fragrances

Cutting-edge Products
Even though there are multi-use chemicals available in market but not all solutions are suitable for all purposes. To tackle this issue, CareClean offers customized and specifically formulated house keeping products that remove strains easily and have long-lasting fragrances. Its extensive range of surface cleaners have brought major difference in the worst of conditions where tiles & fittings get scaled & corroded, and grease & grime accumulate. On understanding the Indian kitchen & cooking style, CareClean has innovated spray-based Wipe Off that makes cleaning of chimneys, ovens and grills easy and less time consuming. This spray-based solution enables the consumers to degrease all the grease and grime accumulated on chimneys, ovens and grills by just wiping them off post few minutes of spraying the solution.

Unlike traditional chemistries such as aerosol or hazardous chemicals, the company uses the power of aroma oil and diffusers in their Air Care range, while its kitchen solutions are fabricated in accordance with zero residue & zero fragrance, ensuring there is no residue left on the food surface area after rinsing. CareClean takes stringent measures to ensure end quality to the customer and conducts continuous R&D to develop new solutions in their state-of-the-art facility based in Bangalore.

Eco-Friendly Approaches
Living up to its brand persona, 'Committed to Care", CareClean safeguards person, surface and environment from the impact of chemical solutions. The company uploads different concentrated form of chemicals (depending on their usage) in its industrial & domestic solutions and specifically looks at giving a clean space without harming the person using it or causing any harm to the environment during its creation. The venture not only conducts quality checks of its products before usage (for any types of corrosive impact), but also ensures the deployment of non-hazardous cleaning agents in its solutions. Besides, CareClean ensures maximum optimization in usage of all resources for production, and recyclable materials are used in higher proportions.

“We are India’s first certified
Green Company by GC Mark, Germany in the space of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning solutions,” says a proud Ashwin Suresh, MD, Megamorph Marketing. This certification implies that the company is successful at minimizing harmful impact on environment during its manufacturing process by using complete non-toxic cleaning agents. “We does not look at serving just the creamy layers of the society /industry, but rather focus on a philosophy of cleanliness and health for all. Cleanliness should never be luxury as it is the most basic of needs for survival. ”Adds Niyati Purohit, CEO, Megamorph Marketing.

Away Ahead
Despite the increasing awareness of cleanliness in the country, unaware of the safety measures, janitorial staffs largely impact their and other's health negatively. To increase the knowledge circumference, CareClean follows knowledge-driven approach and conducts training & workshops for the janitors’ staff on a regular basis. It further educates them on the proper usage of chemicals and personal protective equipment by showing evidence from database and sharing lot of content through online platform.

Having presence across PAN India with offices in Bangalore (headquarter), Chennai, Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Delhi, CareClean is planning to export opportunities in Middle East countries and Indo-Asian peninsula. Meanwhile, with an annual growth of 108 percent last year, the company is geared-up to launch new range of cleaning solutions in laundry section soon.

Key Management:
Ashwin Suresh, MD
Ashwin’s exceptional skill in managing people and balancing relationships with vendors, clients & team plays a crucial role in the success of CareClean.

Niyati Purohit, CEO
Ms. Niyati is the guiding light for everyone at Megamorph. Her keen scene of the market blended with her energetic and proactive approach defines the strategic approach of Megamorph.

A V Suresh, National Sales Director
Mr. Suresh brings in over 30 years of sales and operational experience and is for certain our "Friend, Philosopher and Guide". He has had multi-dimensional experience and has made significant contributions by heading Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, HR, Logistics, and many other functions at Eureka Forbes.

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