CAGR funds: Driving Financial Inclusion by Inspiring You to Invest in Your Future

Vikash Agarwal, Co-Founder

Vikash Agarwal


India is young and brimming with the vitality of youth that is ready to take on a challenging future with a zeal rarely seen before. Young people are getting more educated, more aware and therefore wiser. However, when it comes to money management skills, a large part of the late 20s and early 30s are still living from one pay cheque to another. Why? Well, there are multiple answers to this. Some are not adequately aware, some find numbers to be intimidating and interestingly, some just hate to do “grown up” things like manage personal finances. This is where a new age wealth management company like CAGRfunds seeks to make a difference – simplify investing, provide an extremely convenient and seamless investing experience and in the process drive financial inclusion across the nooks and corners of the country.

CAGRfunds not only helps these young and early investors to begin their investments and provide tools to manage them but also guide them throughout their investment journey in times of needs like change in govt. rules and taxation, change in fund management philosophy or its team, change in market valuations and so on.

Mutual Funds (MF) are slowly gaining momentum among young Indian investors. CAGRfunds has cornered a significant share of this market with its online investing platform that proffers a completely customized investment planning solution that includes Goal Based Planning, wealth creation solutions through SIPs, Tax Planning and Surplus Cash Management solutions. The versatility and diversification of MFs enable this investing firm to meet any or all investment objectives of investors. Add to this their in house research capabilities which makes their fund selection process scientific and knowledge driven at the same time.

“Our fund selection mechanism is based on a very comprehensive data driven algorithm that we have designed ourselves. While we evaluate the funds on several quantitative metrics, our string qualitative analysis makes our recommendations most suited to every single investor we cater to,” says Vikash Agarwal, Co-Founder, CAGRfunds.
Success Factor
There is no ready made method of investing and there is no one-size-fits-all approach as well, hence bespoke investments. CAGRfunds interacts with every customer so that they can understand the customer better in terms of his pain points, needs, preferences, risk profile and short term and long term goals. This interaction enables establishing a mutually agreed upon asset allocation mix after which they prepare a customized portfolio for the customer. This portfolio reflects on the customer’s Free Investment Services Account on the company’s portal and investing then becomes just a two click or a 15 seconds process. The venture’s online paperless platform offers integrated, inventive, yet easy-to-use features that empower the users to invest, redeem and track their portfolio at no transaction cost. This allows CAGRfunds to plan customer’s investment in a structured manner and even automate the investing process. Powered by a strong research team and an online platform, CAGRfunds aims to further succor investors to stay at the top of their portfolios by periodically suggesting asset reallocation and portfolio re-balancing requirements. Using technology and algorithms to automate such processes is one of the key pillars on how they have been achieving scale.

CAGRfunds interacts with every customer so that they can understand the customer better in terms of his pain points, needs, preferences, risk profile and short term and long term goals

CAGRfunds is confident that the best marketing strategy can be none other than educating people, and creating awareness among them. “Even today less than two percent of Indian population has access to financial savings and majority of them are unaware about financial security. We want to reach out to these people who are not getting the right advice to plan their investments in the best possible way,” utters Vikash. Considering the same, CAGRfunds formulated their investor awareness initiative (RiseWise), wherein they conduct financial planning related education session across offices, and organizes live sessions where the founders and expert financial planners themselves interact with investors on a one-to-one basis and clears their doubts related to financial investments. Being futuristic, the company also shares their bit of knowledge on investment through social media forums, blog and website to
spread awareness about various options available for the young investors. Taking a step further, CAGRfunds is associated with many marketing and knowledge partners who develop content and write blogs on various personal finance topics (what is the importance of investing, how you can manage finance in better way and many more).

Driving Financial Inclusion
The founding team of CAGRfunds believes that the true under penetration lies in tier II and tier III cities where lack of reliability on financial advisory is prevalent widely. "As AMFI seeks to drive awareness to the grassroots through its campaigns “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai", we can see a rising interest in mutual funds from the smaller cities, especially for small ticket size SIPs. We are currently looking at innovative ways to reach out to early investors in these cities who are looking for a simplified solution and a reliable team to depend upon.” says Vikash.

Growing with Clients
Owning to its brand tagline 'Let us grow together', CAGRfunds always sees its growth in its clients’ growth and wants all its stakeholders (customers, employees and shareholders) to reap the benefits of its inclusive growth together. The company strives to build a self-motivated environment that is conducive for consistent growth - both for its clients and employees. It considers its employees as its most valuable resource and invests time and capital to train them.

With such feathers on its success cap, the expert development team is currently rearing up to launch the automated asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing solutions for the investors that will enable them to ensure that they are optimally invested at all times. “Post demonetization, the market has helped us a lot and we have witnessed considerable revenue growth for our company. We were able to more than double our revenue base in the last six months and expect the same in the coming months,” concludes Vikash.

Key Management:
Vikash Agarwal, Co-Founder
A Chartered accountant and CFA,Vikash is actively involved in supervising operations and accelerating business development of the company.

Offices: Mumbai (Headquarter),Ranchi & Kolkata

Offerings: Wealth Management solutions & services