B R Buildcare Solutions: Quality ECO SAFE Cleaning Products for the Indian Household

By V. Kalyan Chakravarthy,   Technical Director

By V. Kalyan Chakravarthy

Technical Director

Cleaning products play an important role in everyday life. In India, numerous companies are engaged in the manufacture and marketing of home care products. They include multinational and domestic, small scale organizations. Cleaning materials, manufactured using good quality raw materials, are priced too high while the low-priced products may not serve their purpose. The home care products market is dominated by big players such as Unilever and Procter & Gamble. The products of these companies are expensive and out of reach for a large section of the population. Small sized companies are mostly unorganized and cannot cater to the needs of the market. Good quality and reasonably priced products are the need of the Indian market. Recognizing this need, B R Build Care Solution has embarked on a mission to provide the Indian market with high quality cleaning products, at reasonable prices.

Established in 2014, and headquartered in Hyderabad, BR BuildCare Solutions caters to the home and auto care needs of the Indian household. V.KALYAN CHAKRAVARTHY is the Technical Director and key personnel of the company.

Products & Strategies
The products of B R BuildCare can be categorized under four heads home hygiene, auto care, Pro housekeeping, and home care. The product range comprises grill cleaners, washing machines and faucet cleaners, leather cleaners, metal polish, wooden floor polish, dishwasher detergent, adhesive remover, shine protector, car wash, and all purpose cleaner. The products are natural, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. They are easy to use and ecofriendly. The company produces about 35 products and plans to add another 15 to the list.

BR BuildCare Solution has embarked on a mission to provide the Indian market with high-quality cleaning products, at reasonable prices

BR BuildCare is a midsized company and incorporates the advantages of both large and smallsized organizations. The company utilizes raw materials imported from EPA certified companies, in the United States and Europe, to manufacture the end product at its plant. The company uses surfactant based materials, superior to solvent based materials in terms of the benefits they offer. However, the cost of surfactant based products is marginally higher than solvent based products.

BR Build Care ensures that quality control measures are strictly adhered to. In terms of quality, the company’s products are on par, or sometimes better than the products of multinational companies. The company markets its products, on both B2B and B2C platforms. Its products are popular on the Amazon platform. The company has tapped the export market as well. Its’ products are now available in the UAE.