Asus: Redefining The ICT Industry With Cutting-Edge Innovation & Design

 Vinay Shetty ,  Regional Head

Vinay Shetty

Regional Head

Within the ICT Industry, Asus needs no introduction. Established 33 years ago in the year 1989 in Taiwan the brand has become an international sensation. Unarguably, Asus has taken the ICT industry by storm through its range of cutting-edge devices employing advanced technology to provide an exceptional user experience. The ICT industry is an inherently highly competitive one especially for independent brands. Asus showed that with a good product line innovative thinking and strategic designing, it is possible to take over some of the oldest and most renowned brands in the world. The global ICT sector in the information technology industry was valued at approximately 323.26 billion in 2021 and is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6% to reach a value of 466.11 billion by 2026. During 2022 to 2026, suppliers and service providers in the ICT sector are expected to generate a total of US$ 2,020.48 billion in sales.

The onset of the global pandemic has been tagged as the leading cause of the extra push that the ICT industry received recently. Restricting physical interaction, the pandemic made it mandatory for people around the globe to be equipped with ICT gadgets, the internet and the whole shebang. Leading companies experienced an influx of demand for these products, which also encouraged them to not only up their manufacturing game, but also look at innovation in a broader aspect to meet the needs of the populace. Starting its journey as a motherboard manufacturing company, Asus has come a long way in the ICT industry with an impressive product portfolio and brand collaborations and is rapidly working its way to the top.

Inception Story
Asus's history is an interesting and long one. The idea for the company was formed in a simple coffee shop in Taipei, where a few engineers got together and dreamt of creating a small and amazing business. This led to the idea of forming a company which would excel in creating mother boards. A few years down the line, the team was able to create the perfect product, leading them to explore other areas of the ICT business. "ASUS' ideology is simple ­ we have an underlying commitment to innovation and quality. Being one of the biggest players in the IT industry, ASUS' corporate mission is to provide innovative IT solutions that empower people and businesses to reach their full potential", speaks Vinay Shetty, Regional Head, Component Business ASUS(India, and South Asia).

Asus puts a priority on getting the basics right before going further with product development. The traits that the brand refers to as the ASUS DNA internally are imbued in each member of the team at ASUS. The
essence of ASUS DNA is that the workers must build a product while keeping an eye on the essential elements and treating customers with the highest honesty and dignity. "This is my 16th year at ASUS and it's been nothing short of amazing. The excitement of learning new things keeps me going, thanks to the constant innovation and R& D that we do. Our key line of products includes motherboards, graphics cards and displays along with a wide range of gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, headsets and high speed networking products. We have also been building our portfolio with strong products for the commercial market like A IoT, servers and mini PCs", shares Vinay Shetty.

Asus established a global presence starting with the East, South East and South Asian Countries. ASUS landed in India in the mid-2000s, and has since become one of the most popular brands in the country. The digital culture has been embraced by the youth of India. Even the most industrialized nations have experienced problems with the digital transformation, but Indians are quite open minded because of their strength in adversity and capacity for adaptation. The bulk of the country's population, which is made up of the younger generation, has a stronger affinity for technology and a willingness to explore fresh stuff. Consider the activity of gaming. When gaming was first started, it was seen as a niche activity, but today it's widely regarded as a kind of leisure activity. Many have even made it their career in an effort to promote their nation and themselves in the esports world.

The future appears to be just as intriguing for the brand and ASUS is gearing up to release some cutting-edge goods that will not only raise the bar for the competition but also improve user experience

Range of Offerings
Asus has been constantly making heads turn with its innovative and cutting-edge product lines. Asus is among the first brands to have introduced the concept of gaming and gaming gadgets to India. Leading an otherwise considered "kid's activity" to turn into a recognized form of entertainment and a fulltime career for many. Innovation and advancement is at the heart of everything that Asus does, and its amazing product lines are proof of the same. "It's this pursuit of something incredible that enables us to deliver breakthrough, industry defining products that you see today. Our tagline "In Search of Incredible" also signifies that. We also have two sub brands the Republic of Gamers(ROG) and ProArt that bring meaningful and innovative products for gamers and creative professionals." further adds Vinay Shetty.

While the product list is seemingly endless, Asus's offerings can be divided into multiple categories including Desktops, IoT and Networking, Computer accessories like keyboards, mouse adapters and more and motherboards and other major components. Networking includes devices like routers are among the brand's unique offerings. When asked about customer stories, Vinay and call drop vanished. The icing on the cake was the customer realizing that the router they bought also came with antivirus and antimalware protection, giving them an added security layer."

Given Asus's dedication to offer the best, there are undoubtedly many benefits to the brand's services and products. Quality guarantee and peace of mind are the two main advantages of purchasing their merchandise. When a customer chooses ASUS products, a good deal is ensured. In order to improve future products, the brand also gathers user input, which helps in addressing the exact issues that users experience.

Future Endeavours
Innovation is inescapable, just like evolution, so expect to see some top-notch ASUS goods in the upcoming months and years. For the time being, Asus has introduced the TUF Gaming A1 to the array of portable SSD enclosures, which will further protect data with MIL-STD-810H certification. The future appears to be just as intriguing for the brand and ASUS is gearing up to release some cutting-edge goods that will not only raise the bar for the competition but also improve user experience.