Arraystorm: Delivering Next-Generation Energy Efficient Lighting Products

PradyothVarma,Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO

Smart lighting is a thing of past. It is the era of intelligent lighting that has completely captured people’s imaginations as well as taken the technology market by storm. Intelligent lighting system with advanced technology renders superior illumination, unprecedented lamp life, remote operability features, personalized light setting, and manages color temperature for different work environments, while reducing the overall energy consumption and operational cost. This in turn enhances the perception & productivity of the workplace, nighttime illumination comfort, adds real value to the facility, and even protects the environment. Arraystorm, through its futuristic thinking-based energy efficient products &solutions, caters clients from various domains and seeks to bring change in lighting industry. Due to the price war in the lighting market, many manufacturers are forced to use low quality components that reduce the life and quality of LEDs. However, Arraystorm took the bull by its horn and introduced innovative design, improved aesthetics and reduced costs through value engineering.

Building Brand Credibility
Standing true to its tagline ‘Sense the Future’ (utilizing the next-generation technology to bring value to the customers today), Arraystorm truly performs as a trusted partner that crafts modular products (can be transformed in various shapes & sizes) and architectural products (geometry: to create different lighting patterns on the ceiling) to meet the specific needs of architect /client and address the market demand. Its lighting sensors have features like temperature& humidity that are recorded in the software and later sent to building management systems to manage the AC load balancing, minimize the use of AC, whilst reducing electricity expenditure.

Arraystorm has developed a complete intelligent platform that combines the latest technology with a lighting control system to reduce the carbon footprint; there by enhancing the comfort ability & productivity levels in the lighting systems. What makes the company stand-out in the crowd is its automated process for post-sale support (dedicated
team of service engineers in multiple cities) to address service requirements of customers. It is these uncompromising and differentiated attributes that led Arraystorm bag various awards akin to'Brand of the Year - Emerging No.1' in the LED lighting category by WCRC amongst several others.

Arraystorm has developed a complete intelligent platform that combines the latest technology with a lighting control system to reduce the carbon footprint; thereby enhancing the comfortability & productivity levels in the lighting systems

Delighting Customer Experience
Defying the industry pattern, where in majority of organizations partner with other intelligent companies to provide IoT technology, Arraystorm develops in-house software and hardware capabilities for intelligent lighting system. Centering its brand persona on providing 'quality of light', the firm employs various reflectors and low glare diff users in its office range to minimize glare, making it comfortable for people to work under it. On top of this, company performs FCC testing for wireless certification and CE/UL listing for the devices where in all its lighting products undergo LM 79 certification from UL/Intertek. Actively working to create awareness about IoT lighting system, Arraystorm is constantly initiating various catalogues and email campaigns to highlight the key aspects of its new technology and performs several proof of concepts.

The Torch bearer of Lighting Industry
Being a technology company that prides in its software and hardware capability excellence, Arraystorm offers the best LED lighting system, energy efficient LED light fixtures that reduce energy consumption by 50-60 percent, occupancy sensors effective in reducing energy consumption further by 20-30 percent, daylight sensors successfully reduces lighting load by 10 percent and IoT lighting, which additionally reduces energy by 20 percent due to intelligent scheduling software. Weaving its strength and vision in the name 'Arraystorm' (which come from two words Array: LEDs are made with Arrays of Diodes and Storm: aspired to bring a storm of change in the lighting industry), the company overcomes various hurdles and recons as a trusted brand in its space - a brand
trusted by many corporate for its innovation, technology and creativity. Reminiscing the path, Pradyoth Varma, Founder & CEO, Arraystorm, cites, "We started working from early 2013 and it took us six months for the development of the products and build value proposition before we were ready to take it to the market".

Unlike others, the initial journey of Arraystorm was exciting, as its innovative products and approach grabbed eye balls quickly and helped it acquire large customers within six months of its inception. This aided Arraystorm to reap the confidence of big players in the industry, and soon the firm received strategic investment from Kores India Ltd. (India's most trusted and respected brand that offers office products, pharmaceuticals, foundry, engineering infrastructure and business automation products). This facilitated Arraystorm to scale-up its operations besides setting up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Bangalore and R&D centre for creating new products on IoT platform for intelligent lighting and work spaces. Additionally, the company introduced the sensor technology in lighting along with real-time space management for corporates and spread its wing in four new cities (Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi), there by increasing the revenue growth consistently.

Arraystorm has a great team of 100 professionals spread across sales, marketing, R&D, software development, product development and manufacturing, who toil on the principal of innovation, honesty, and customer delight. The firm always encourage sits employees to participate in various forums where they meet different stakeholders, and also conducts in-house seminars for technical consultants in lighting and electrical spheres.Having presence in US and Southeast Asia, Arraystorm is looking forward to make its mark in tier 2 & 3 cities in India with a vision to become a global brand by 2020.

Key Management
Pradyoth Varma, Founder & CEO
An alumni of NIT Surathkal and IIM Ahmedabad, Pradyoth founded ArrayStorm with an intention of being India’s foremost LED lighting brand.

Ashish Singh, VP-Sales & Marketing
After serving the banking and LED lighting industry for 12+ years, Ashish currently heads the sales function at ArrayStorm.
Office: Bangalore
Established in: 2013
Offerings:Energy efficient lighting products and Controls