Apollo Sugar Clinic: A Customized And Comprehensive Diabetes Management Solution Provider

 Anand P Wasker,  CEODiabetes is a chronic condition requiring lifelong management, undetected and uncontrolled, it can result in heart, kidney, eye, and foot complications resulting in unnecessary deaths that can be prevented through a proper treatment approach. India is home to 75 million certified diabetics, and many of them remain untreated for years, and there are 25 million Pre-diabetics who are unaware of their condition. Early screening and identification of pre-diabetes can help people be informed about their health condition and start on a self-management journey to prolong the onset of diabetes. Apollo Sugar was established in 2015 with a vision to help people manage diabetes in the best possible way. It is a collaboration between Apollo Health & Lifestyle (part of Apollo Hospitals Group) and Sanofi, a model recognizing the epidemic scale and complications of non-communicable diseases, specifically diabetes in the country.

Apollo Sugar clinics were set up in various formats and models and are located in Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Clinics, and stand alone facilities. The value propositions combine the curative care delivery and preventive care around lifestyle and hardware trackers of health. They connect all services into a single program and onto a one-stop discovery, sales, and delivery platform. "The holistic and connected care delivery mechanics integrated with a unique blend of technology, human touch, and proven clinical practices has helped over 5 lac patients manage their diabetes complications effectively with Apollo Sugar Clinics", says
Anand P Wasker, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Sugar Clinics.

Catering the Embracing Services
Apollo Sugar Clinics are set up with accurate and precise diagnostics with evidence-based treatment protocols. All centres are equipped with experienced Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Diabetes health coaches, and Diet counsellors who have a proven track record. Long term Sugar Care Program is one of the flagship and exclusive programs scientifically developed to help patients reduce and achieve sustained HBA1c levels through extensive interventions, active and continuous monitoring, and strong patient engagement in the clinic or anywhere. Sugar 90, Sugar 180, and Sugar 360 are different sugar care programs currently offered to patients. "Conceived with the idea of offering focused holistic care for diabetic patients, the Sugar Clinics provide end-to-end care, management of diabetes and related complications", says Nishant Mishra, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd.

Apollo sugar clinics' vision is to be the largest and most preferred diabetes care provider across india while continuing to improve medical outcomes for patients

Apollo Sugar Clinics is one among the first-of-its-kind diabetes care brand set to create a unique success story with a current network of 90+ clinics across India. The team of Diabetes Experts, Endo crinologists, Dieticians, Exercise Management Consultants, Counsellors, and Diabetes Educators provides an effective way to help manage the condition, prevent and treat complications. The diabetes specialists also assist in lifestyle transformation and coping with this chronic condition's emotional challenges. Diabetes care delivered via Apollo protocols, Programs, and Doctors ascertain the uniqueness of this care delivery model.

Apollo Sugar Clinics' vision is to be the largest and most preferred diabetes care provider across India while continuing to improve medical outcomes for patients. They would be expanding network exponentially in the coming years to achieve this by signing up new models and formats. For instance, the partnership with GI Dynamics to study EndoBarrier is an innovative means of treating patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and obesity. "We are always innovating to find newer and patient centric ways of managing diabetes effectively and are committed in our journey to fight this major menace our country faces", signs off Mr. Wasker.