ADAS Technologies:Futuristic ERP Solutions Fulfilling Every Need across Lifecycle

Dipyaman Baral, CEOWhen in life, everyone is chasing for the top, time is what people are in short of. Automating the environment with faster methods, ERPs are gaining great momentum, especially in huge untouched markets like India. ADAS Technologieshas cornered a significant share of this market with its intelligent cloud-based ERPs that are ready for all phases of life - right from school to university to corporate to home; providing the maximum with a whopping 42 working modules covering most requirements. With the experience of catering to 250+ clients in service domain, 150+ institutions and a few corporates like HCL with its 33Cubical (HRMS) and managing Government projects like NIXI, Ministry of IT, ISPAI, GAC, TRAI, Afilias, and CCAOI in every state of India within a miniscule of time, this 2008 foundedDelhi-based company understands the taste and need of every customer across all over India.

Defying the industry pattern, wherein customization costs big bucks, ADAS customizes any need of customer in the manner they, wish without extra cost, thus removing client's pain area with a product perfect for them, while improving its ERP with new functionality that was missing.Instead of providing different subscription packages having 'free' features with hidden costs, ADAS lets it customers choose the features individually to prevent them from paying for features unnecessary for them."Our Brand's persona is to provide the feature-rich products which can automate the various functionalities using cutting-edge technologies, integrate with smart hardware and technology, empower administration with realtime information, customized
solution along with 24X7 support and connect all stakeholders across the ecosystem," explains Dipyaman Baral, Founder & MD, ADAS Technologies.

Being futuristic,ADAS sees demands coming for a single product to achieve automation, security,online transaction,paperless activities, and this is where ADAS excels.

Standing Apart
This online ERP provider trumpeted its presence by conquering challenges like lack of internet accessibility by setting up internet for its clients. Being futuristic, ADAS sees demands coming for a single product to achieve automation, security, online transaction,paperless activities, and this is where ADAS excels. Though it has extremely efficient marketing partners who market its product all over India and abroad, ADAS is confident that the best marketing strategy can be none other than product satisfaction to the existing customers and hence strives to achieve the same.

Manifesting that it's the best ERP brand in the industry is its unique implementation process of delivering Plug-n-Play Cloud ERP with all master and transactional data incorporated. Integrating its ERPs with various third party smart hardwares such as FACE Recognition device, UHF RFID gate, GPRS device and barcode reader to get realtime data for actual automation, enables ADAS to provide intelligent features with less manual entry point but automated system with intelligent analysis of maximum collected data.

IMSLive & Houze Dat- Revolutionary ERPs
Realizing that unlike schools, society is an unstructured phenomenon that requires automated collection of data such as clear entry & exit log through hardware, ADAS' HouzeDat, a SaaS-based comprehensive Society management system, provides high-end performance and unbreakable security to any
Apartment Association or Cooperative Housing Society.

Renowned for building a single solution /platform for client's all requirements across operations, ADAS has added over 20 modules including inventory manager, feedback & complaint, facility manager, online payments of bills, e-Commerce, networking and security among others in HouzeDat. An amalgamation of its blockbuster ERPs - IMSLive (institution management system for school, institute and university) and 33Cubical (HR management system), ADAS will soon launch a platform to connect all three dimensions of the ecosystem - Management, End User and various Service Providers where from a single platform users can fulfil every need of life.

Surprising Customers Every Quarter
ADAS tars (ADAS' flexible and loyal employees)work very smartly without any extra load, love to have regular vacations and always party together. They keenly deliver within the deadline, while surprising clients by building some thing which can shift the orbit of innovation with lowest possible cost, every quarter. The company is anticipating an exponential growth, as it plans to hit the market with its proven product IMS Live and is also working to make its B2C platform dynamic. Hence, this year ADAS team will increase rapidly inline with its big growth plans, whilst keepingits work culture intact where smart work is preferred than hard work.

"We aim to develop a platform where everyone can enjoy, get valuable information, increase security, connect easily and then can also earn revenue. A very big 'BIG DATA Eco-System' where every human behaviour can be tracked, analysed and accordingly the requirements can be fulfilled," concludes Saurabh Gupta, Founder & Director, ADAS Technologies. Being the only B2C platform with B2B backbone that provides support to even end users, in the coming five years, ADAS will be hitting the B2C platform heavily utilizing its good relation with end users like student, parents, corporate employees & society residential, and carve its brand name much deeper.