Adalrich: Enhance Brand Visibility through Elegant & High-quality Pens as Corporate Giveaways & Gifts

Narendra Kumar Choradia,    Business HeadIn the corporate world appreciation and gifting play a huge role in enhancing employee & customer loyalty as well as business growth. As one of the most commonly practiced business cultures across the globe, corporate gifting has a massive impact in terms of raising brand awareness. Once customized with an individual or brand name, the value proposition of merchandise increases by around 10x times. Apart from that, customized products are also a perfect way to express an organization’s mission and vision and help firms create a positive corporate identity.

Started in 2016 by Narendra Choradia, Madhur Jyoti is a Bengaluru-based leading corporate gifting firm specializing in a wide range of gifting products that are customized with the client’s brandings and meant for the perfect giveaways. Later, the firm also ventured into online platforms in 2020 & Adalrich was born. Adalrich signifies nobility, regal & leadership that also offers brand & name customization and is synonymous with good quality products at the right price. The significant presence and popularity of Adalrich pens on both Amazon & Flipkart have paved the way for its success even on offline platforms.

Adalrich offers customized pens for corporate giveaways as well as gifts. The firm has more than 100 listings on Amazon
and 200 SKUs on Flipkart. Starting from Idea conceptualization and Product offerings to Customization, Gift wrapping with name tags and dispatching for end consumption, the firm offers a complete solution to its clients. What makes Adalrich stand out from the rest of its peers in the market is its unique offerings. The firm strives to deliver even more than what’s promised within a quick turnaround time. The Product, Pricing & Packaging are all customized to client needs.

The firm offers a wide range of Combo offerings that along with the Packaging are further Customized according to the client’s brandings. The team at Adalrich is highly skilled and stubbornly Quality oriented. The firm follows a three-pronged process for quality checks before delivery. The firm ensures that only carefully selected high-quality materials are used during manufacturing. The products again go through the stringiest quality checks after the manufacturing before going for customization. The final round of checking is done after the customization before shipping them to the client. Around 90 percent of Madhur Jyoti's interactions with clients are done digitally helping them with quick turnaround time.

Adalrich signifies Nobility, Regal & Leadership that also offers Brand name customization and is synonymous with Good Quality products at the Right Price

Within a short span, Adalrich has come a long way in terms of market penetration as well as growing client base and has sold more than one crore customized pens within a short period. While almost 70 percent of its revenue comes from institutional sales, 20 percent comes from online sales and the remaining 10 percent from retail sales. With a retention rate of around 80 percent, Adalrich is the proud partner to some of the Fortune 500 companies in India, including Amazon, Google, Caterpillar, Volvo, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, HP, Dell, Tencent, Infosys, WIPRO, TCS, Intuit, Adobe, IIM, Syngene, and many more through it’s Channel Partners.

Coming to the future roadmap, Adalrich is working on expanding further in the retail segment. The firm also has plans to expand its product portfolio by adding items such as item combos, diaries, keychains, water bottles, pen drives, coffee mugs, jute bags, and so on. The firm is also planning to grow its online operations further by being available on other platforms. As an organization, the firm firmly believes in ‘Gifting selflesslyto Receive beyond imagination' & has been helping organizations to do so!!