Acer: A Customer Centric Brand Standing at the Cutting-edge of Innovation

Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMOThe price war is forcing most of the Personal Computer (PC) brands to push what they come up with into the market, irrespective of real consumer benefits, while the industry demands customer centric innovations at an affordable price. In fact, this war has plagued the PC makers and is leading many well known names to disappear from the streets, Compaq being a recent example. Persistently vaccinating the need of the hour with cutting-edge innovations and through considering versatile customer requirements rather than focusing on the competition has been the game changer for Acer (TWSE: 2353, LSE: ACID)-one of the world’s largest PC and technology companies to establish itself as a globally trusted brand & a customer centric company with a bunch of extremely loyal customers spread across 160+ countries.

Acer’s extensive portfolio showcases its agility in comprehending the instantaneous trends and ability to delve deep into the segments that impact on customers’ day to day life. From smartphones, gaming PCs, notebooks, laptops, desktop, 2 in one laptops, AIO PCs, wearable, monitors, VR & MR solutions, and IoT devices (focused on consumer IoT market) to projectors, Acer innovates and designs products that touch a wide aspect of life such as Entertainment, Gaming, Productivity, Education & Connectivity, and thus helps people get more done, have fun, play hard, get smart and stay in touch with others, effortlessly.

“Our philosophy of breaking barriers between people and technology highlights our brand persona which signifies our consistent endeavors toward providing the best tools and innovative technologies to our customers worldwide at a price range that they can afford and make use of it at the core,” asserts Chandrahas Panigrahi, CMO and Consumer Business Head Acer India. In fact, Acer has products ranging from Rs.14,999 onwards, that fits all pocket sizes and every need.

Revamping the Industry
Acer embarked on its core mission of making technology more accessible to people way back in 1976 as a young company assembling computers under the brand name Multitech (rechristened Acer within a decade). Endured through four
decades by challenging itself consistently, Acer's successful business journey has not only established a strong global footprint for the company, but along side has also crafted the industry’s transformation story centered on cutting-edge innovations through several exciting milestones, starting from launching the first ever 8-bit home computer (Microprocessor II) in 1982, to the world’s first 386SX-33 chipset in 1992, the world’s first dual Intel Pentium PC in 1994 and introducing the world’s first convertible laptop in 2002even before the trend kicked in.

Acer’s extensive portfolio showcases its agility in comprehending the instantaneous trends and ability to delve deep into the segments that impact on customers’ day-to-day life

“We always travel abreast of time, which helped us to launch the world’s thinnest Ultra book in 2012, and now in 2017, the world’s thinnest laptop under our brand. We have also won multiple awards on the way including seven Red Dot Product Design awards and eight Computex D&I (design and innovation) awards,” proclaims Chandra has. Today, Acer has evolved from a manufacturing powerhouse to a multi-faceted global brand that delivers technology solutions across many segments and form factors; thanks to its unique Channel Business Model, which enabled the company to achieve sustainable worldwide growth. The model offers flexibility to adapt to changing global IT market trends and helps to collaborate with the top-tier global partners and suppliers across the industries like CCS Media Ltd. C-Learning Ltd.,and Misco, while minimizing operating expense and enhancing profitability.

Magnifying the Outreach
When it comes to India, besides its established partnerships with several retail networks including Croma Stores and eZone, Acer has already initiated its plan to expand retail presence by opening flagship stores in Tier-II, III & IV cities across the country to provide full brand experience to the first time buyers. Along with this, being the first PC Company to set up a manufacturing unit in India (in Puducherry under the Make in India initiative, which even serves the Southeast Asian markets today), Acer has strengthened its commitments towards Government initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and 'Digital India' big time. “Indeed, our philosophy complements and perfectly aligns with the Government’s vision of a Digital India,” affirms Chandrahas. Acer today branches into all the key
locations across the country with a team of agile sales & support representatives ready to help you.

Choosing the most admired sensations of Bollywood like Hrithik Roshan and Anushka Sharma to represent a gamut of revolutionary products in commercial advertisements, Acer has ensured matchless brand visibility as well, which further consolidates time and again with its 3600 digital presence and technology partnerships with world's best sporting events like Ferrari Formula 1 and Olympics (London).

More in the Pipeline
Home to over 7000 people worldwide with a keen focus on human rights, gender equality and innovations with human touch, Acer takes pride in employing 35.3 percent of women in its total workforce, and 28.5 & 14.7 percent in management and top management positions respectively. Going forward, with content consumers becoming content creators and hard-core PC gaming emerging as one of the most lucrative markets, team Acer will direct its efforts to complement the PC gaming experience and performance.

Acer also plans to expand its foothold in gaming products, VR and other IoT spaces this year, alongside stepping into Researches. “We would also be focusing on market segments such as transportation, education, medical and government with applications for e-Ticketing, academic systems, healthcare systems and e-Government solutions,” concludes Chandrahas. However, Acer's passion for innovation and customer centricity has taken the brand to unprecedented levels and is clearly well poised to change growth orbits and venture into new horizons in the coming days.

Key Management:
Jason Chen, Global CEO& Chairman
Jasonplays a pivotal role in driving Acer’s corporate transformation and diversification into new business areas.

Harish Kohli, President & Managing Director (India)
A visionary leader, Harish plays a significant role in placing Acer India ahead of the competition.

Chandrahas Panigrahi,CMO & Consumer Business Head
Having 15+ years of industry experience, Chandrahas is a specialist in setting up new business, reviving business and managing high growth categories.

Taiwan (Global) & Bangalore (India)