Geek: Revolutionizing Kitchenware With Its Perfect 'Robocook' & 'Airocook' Products

Murugan, Founder & Director, Prathap, Co-Founder

Murugan, Founder & Director

Prathap, Co-Founder

According to research, the Indian electrical kitchen appliances industry, valued at $5714.97 million in 2021, is forecasted to increase to a whopping $8310.45 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 6.66 percent during the forecast period due to consumer preference towards technologically advanced appliances. In addition, rising innovation and the increasing demand for advanced kitchen appliances will propel the market over the next five years. These electrical kitchen appliances outweigh conventional cooking equipment and help people reduce their kitchen time, thus spending more time with family and friends.

Garnering clues from these studies on the Indian electrical kitchen appliances industry, Geek – a premium global kitchenware brand – steps into the picture and tries to usher its way with ‘Geek RoboCook’ for an Electric Pressure Cooker and ‘Geek AiroCook’ for an Air Fryer Oven categories. The company’s exceptional craftsmanship, technology, and consumer convenience extend to its wide range of products, including vacuum cleaners, rechargeable mini fans, humidifiers, smart locks, coffee makers, and more.

Geek was established in 2017 in New Jersey with a strong presence in five countries – the U.S., Canada, Australia, China, and India, across three continents with a digital-first focus in all the countries of operation. It is the leading brand in most e-commerce product categories in the countries it operates. It operates on global platforms like Amazon, WalMart, Flipkart, New York Appliances, Almo, HSN, and more. The core of Geek’s innovations remains an unwavering commitment to providing families with quality products and efficient home solutions.

Also, to manufacture uppermost quality products that incorporate state-of-the-art technology with innovative features and forward-thinking contemporary ergonomic designs that meet the needs of all generations with a real at-home gourmet experience. More than establishing a home appliance brand, each product has been crafted with its unwavering passion and desire for creativity, functionality, and perfection. “We created a clear Blue Ocean of smart and uniquely innovative products hitherto unavailable to discerning new-age Indian consumers. The company created a new market that was least competitive and differentiated with the endorsement of millions of smart Indians. Following this strategy, it continues to look for such Blue Ocean markets in India", says Murugan, Founder & Director of Geek.

Geek RoboCook – The Best-Selling Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker
Born with a vision to convert every traditional pressure cooker in Indian households into a smart automatic electric pressure cooker, Geek introduced the Geek RoboCook – an automatic 11-in-1 electric pressure cooker – that minimizes the micromanaging of cooking. It has been leading in market share since its entry in 2019. Geek RoboCook features the first-of-its-kind 16 preset menus, including popular Indian dishes. The electric pressure cooker with BIS-approved safety standards performs 11 different functions like sauteing, steaming, slow cooking, baking, and pressure cooking, among others. Additional accessories like tempered glass lids, egg boiling racks, steamer baskets, racks, and more offer the opportunity to make a plethora of food. Geek RoboCook’s circumvent cooking retains food’s nutrition better than conventional pressure cooking. It also comes with a delay timer of up to 24 hours and can slow cook for up to eight hours with seven in-built safety features.

“We want to revolutionize the way Indians cook. Most of our cooking depends on the preparation, quantity, and quality of ingredients used. With Geek RoboCook, you still control this part. Cooking is intelligently preprogrammed with Programmable Intelligent Cooking technology to give you back your time. The proprietary PIC technology automatically adjusts pressure, time, and temperature, giving you tasty, healthy food every time you cook",says Prathap, Co-Founder of Geek.

Geek AiroCook – 5-in-1 Air Fryer Oven
Post covid-19 people have become more health conscious and started focusing on having a healthy and balanced diet. To be a part of that health partner, Geek launched the ‘Geek AiroCook’ air fryer oven range of products which does the function of both the air fryer and OTG as 2-in-1 smart appliances. It makes deep fry snacks with 85 percent less fat and oil in a quick turnaround time. It also has separate functions to grill, bake, or toast and a 360-degree rotating rotisserie function. One can make restaurant-style Indian and continental foods at ease in the comfort of one home with the Geek AiroCook range.

“We initially launched one model under Geek AiroCook Iris+ 23L and received an overwhelming response and positive feedback, which pushed us to launch a range of products to cater to the different segments of users like 10L and 14L. Recently, we have launched the Digix 30L model with a large digital display and inbuilt 12 preset menus", Murugan adds. While Indian consumers restrict to small-sized air fryers, Geek introduces them to large-sized air fryers that also double up as ovens. Geek is the only brand in India with a gamut of products under the air fryer oven category.

Customer First Approach
We also wanted to ensure our consumers are in safe hands to emphasize that we are providing free after sales service at the door step to both the products. We have made this process completely hassle-free and the consumer can book the service in convenient time with just a WhatsApp message or call. We serve around 20,000+ pincodes and maximum with¬in 48 hours of request time. “We take this opportunity to serve our users resolve their pain points at the quickest turnaround time and also delight them with the brand experience. This also builds the natural trust and credibility over the brand", says Murugan.

We want to revolutionize the way indians cook

Mapping the Future
Starting in 2023, Geek is venturing into the smart home category to enhance its customer experience and provide advanced technology features even in the home or kitchen appliances. With an experienced and competent global team of technical professionals and engineers, the company envisionscreating a new range of IoT-enabled home-ecosystem products to sophisticate the overall user experience. It is in the advanced stages of development on internet-connected electric pressure cookers, air fryer ovens apart from robotic vacuum cleaners, smart locks, and more.