Delish Your Sweet Cravings

Today the changes happening across industries are overwhelming presenting new every now and then with innovativeness induced. And, food being one of the prime industry sectors has much scope of growth, and confectionery its huge fragment adds to the same. Especially Indians known to consume food products that are rich in sugar and other sweeteners at a large, is news to none. Driven by the bustling demand for sweet products prepared by using several ingredients, such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, gelling, flavoring, and thickening agents, which help in enhancing the texture, taste, appearance, and elasticity of products, the confectionery brands space looks rich & greener.

Confectionery items preferably chocolates and non-chocolate candies, such as gum, ice cream, frozen desserts, sweet baked goods, including the profuse range of traditional & creative sweets recipes leave no room for scope for anything else. According to Statista, revenue in the Confectionery & Snacks market amounts to $110.90 billion in 2023, and is expected to grow by 8.96 percent CAGR by 2028. There are many established Confectionery Brands vouching for this unique attempt to indulge the masses having sweet tooth and draw others too presenting attractive delights.

Bring joy to this festive season in India savouring some of the best sweets and sugar delights from some of the best Confectionery Brands in the country following our current edition, ’10 Most Promising Confectionery Brands – 2023’. This list enlists some of the deep researched brands by our editorial board who brought in the feedback collected from the religious food lovers & critics.

Do read through to get acquainted with the brands and their unique food items. We look forward to your feedback!