Jeena & Company: Merging Expertise, Precision & Vision to Achieve Logistical Success

Digital transformation, sustainability objectives, and international trade patterns are driving fast change in the supply chain and logistics business. The worldwide logistics sector is expected to reach $15.5 trillion by 2023. Despite massive scope for growth, the sector also continues to confront obstacles like infrastructure deficiencies and ineffective operation. Jeena & Company, founded by Pallonji Katgara, a distinguished logistics and supply chain solutions provider, handles these hurdles tactically, serving as a critical industry link. With an extensive background going back to 1900, Jeena specializes in providing complete supply-chain and logistics strategies, expertly addressing voids with a diversified solution package and an international supplier ecosystem.

With a robust presence spanning 27 locations in India and a well-connected partner network encompassing 80 global destinations, the company has garnered trust and reputation in the industry. The founding objective of the company remains as clear and resolute as it was at its inception—to strengthen India's trade dynamics by facilitating the seamless cross-border movement of goods. Logistics emerged as the natural conduit for fulfilling this vision, driven by an unwavering passion for the industry that continues to propel the company forward.

Furthermore, the vibrant executive staffs, and a powerhouse of competent & experienced professionals are propelling Jeena's progress. These individuals epitomize growth by bringing exceptional knowledge to the business's forefront, having a diverse range of experience spanning various logistical and supply-chain segments. Jeena's experts seamlessly direct each division throughout the business's countrywide locations, collaborating to accomplish organizational goals and strengthen the business's professional status. The team's united passion and experience drive the organization's development and affect its long-term destiny.

Jeena & Company stands as proof to the organization’s tenacity, reflecting a legacy that has thrived for over 123 years

Suite of Services
Jeena & Company boasts a comprehensive suite of services encompassing the entire logistics and supply chain spectrum. Their offerings span air and sea freight forwarding, customs compliance and clearance, door-to-door logistics, project shipment handling, 3PL, warehousing, contract logistics, transportation, time, and temperature sensitive logistics & multimodal logistics to several value added services. As the industry's oldest Customs House Agent, Jeena stands as a premier name in freight forwarding and customs clearance.

“Freight forwarding is a very price-centric segment. Buying decisions are influenced primarily by the rates that are quoted. We at Jeena & Company aim to change the conventional freight forwarding scenario by offering transformative logistics solutions, not mere services that are driven by price. Understanding the problem statement well and coming up with tailored solutions that meet the requirements of the customer is something we as logistics architects at Jeena are adept at. We encourage our professionals to go beyond their way to ensure that the job done exceeds the customers’ expectations”, shares Ayesha Katgara, Head - Corporate Strategy, Jeena & Company.

The company's unwavering commitment to service excellence is embedded in its core values. Through an internal service excellence program directly tied to performance metrics, Jeena's dedicated workforce consistently delivers high-quality and effective services. Continuous improvement, informed by customer feedback, ensures a seamless and superior customer experience.

Agility to Evolving Trends
Jeena’s dynamic approach keeps the firm at the pinnacle of the industry. Placing technology and infrastructure at the heart of its operational culture, Jeena consistently embraces and champions cutting-edge advancements.

“We have always been agile in terms of adapting to changes which facilitates us to thrive in a dynamic environment. We have always believed in cultivating long-standing relationships with our customers and industry stakeholders instead of securing one-off transactions which certainly puts us ahead of the curve”, further shares Ayesha.

The firm is leading the way in managing and leveraging the ever-changing digital terrain, having pioneered various tech-centric business breakthroughs. Its inventive, technology-driven solutions not just reshape the logistics sector, but also make important contributions to cost reduction and improved efficiencies in business. With intuitive user interfaces and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Jeena guarantees continuous oversight and knowledge for its clients by utilizing AI for quick services. The organization interacts with its clients and partners, on a global scale, using APIs to create an effective, interconnected ecosystem. The firm's dedication to technology is paving the way for a future in which operations are completely digitized, offering increased productivity and service excellence.

With its leaps in technology integration over the century motivated by a determined resolution to stay at the helm of leadership, the organization has garnered a diversified client base, encompassing industries including automobiles, pharmaceuticals, retail, consumer goods, electronic goods, among others. The latest customer acquisition adventure proved compelling, with targeted focus of new sectors indicating its dedication to widening boundaries.

Journey & Future Roadmap
Jeena & Company stands as proof to the organization’s tenacity, reflecting a legacy that has thrived for over 123 years. Over the years, the firm has gracefully evolved, embracing cultural shifts, technological advancements, and service enhancements. From humble origins of beginning operations with a modest capital of $75 and dedicated departments for clearing and shipping, the company has expanded into a multifaceted entity, spanning the entire spectrum of logistics and supply chain, reinforced by an ever-expanding team of over 1000 seasoned professionals.

Continuing this pattern, even in the midst of hardship posed by the pandemic, the business's success remained consistent, with its pharma segment surfacing as an essential part of the firm's profitability. During its 123- year history, the corporation has expanded outside Indian frontiers, ushering in a new chapter in its glorious heritage.

“With vision, innovation, and power as our value pillars, we have been a pioneer in many industry-first initiatives. We were the first to flawlessly pass the Premises based Audit under Sec 99A of the Customs Act and provided on-ground logistics support to TECHEAGLE in the successful completion of Asia's first drone-based vaccine delivery project in a complete cold chain environment for the Telangana government. Moreover, for Covid vaccine distribution, Jeena Criticare, was appointed as one of the main official distributors of India’s Covishield vaccine deliveries. With our global logistics support, we have been able to render a crucial role in India’s export chain enabling healthcare to various countries and customers”, shares Ayesha.

In 2019, the firm began to dip its toes in outside waters, with Australia as the leading target. Its first location in New South Wales, demonstrates the team's resolve to provide complete transportation and logistics services in this thriving industry. Going forward, the firm aspires to establish a strong presence in the US. While its foreign adventure is still in its early stages, Jeena & Company have set an ambitious goal of generating 50 percent of its income via these overseas markets.

“With a firm emphasis on contractual partnerships; our goal is to achieve a spectacular threefold increase in income by 2027. At present, our operating network includes 5+ cutting-edge warehouses placed strategically in key cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chennai, totaling over 3 lakh sq. ft. To achieve our near-term goals, we've got well set objectives to rapidly expand our warehouse and shipping network throughout India”, lastly adds Ayesha.

Goal oriented and time-tested strategic steps have been the cornerstone of the company’s success, and the team is on the path of fastidious growth on a global scale by continuing to leverage its exceptional reputation and strategic prowess.